Robert Osmond, chief information officer (CIO) at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), outlined this week how “agile everything” is the direction he wants the state tech agency to take with digital workflows.

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While the smoke is still clearing after last week’s midterm elections which have featured an array of nail-biter contests on the Federal level, the lack of much of a “wave” of election-driven change through state houses may end up leaving the ranks of state chief information officers (CIO) relatively stable in the months to come.

Following its annual conference earlier this month, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) announced its new executive leadership for the coming program year.

At its fall conference in Louisville, Ky., this week, the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO), with the support of Grant Thornton, published its 2022 annual state CIO survey – entitled The People Imperative – with workforce challenges emerging as a pervasive theme in both the report and at the conference.

State CIOs and about 900 of their closest vendor friends gathered once again for the National Association of State CIO’s (NASCIO) 53rd annual fall conference October 9-12 in Louisville, Ky. – with hints of both autumn and possibly employment changes in the air.

In what has become an annual exercise, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) last week released its targeted Federal advocacy priorities for this year, highlighted again by its call for cybersecurity regulation harmonization.

In what has proven to be a most regrettable decision, former California Governor Jerry Brown back in 2012 foolishly eliminated the State CIO agency from his cabinet, and in the process returned the state’s IT management to a failed organizational structure of the past.

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