While the challenges of closing the digital divide are vast and complex, one telecommunications expert told Capitol Hill lawmakers this week that artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to expand broadband services to every corner of the nation.

An AI industry expert called on Congress this week to pass comprehensive Federal legislation that covers a wide range of risks associated with the emerging technology, arguing that state and local government action to create AI-related laws will only stifle innovation.

The Board of Supervisors for Santa Cruz, Calif., has adopted a new Artificial Intelligence Appropriate Use policy, which will create a framework to address concerns related to the technology among county employees.

New York City

New York City (NYC) has released its “first-of-its-kind plan” to utilize AI for government operations across different government agencies and offices to help streamline operations for essential programs.

With a new executive order (EO), New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has created an Artificial Intelligence Task Force, which is tasked with studying emerging AI technologies. The governor’s office noted that the task force will be responsible for analyzing the potential impacts of AI on society as well as preparing recommendations to identify government actions encouraging the ethical use of AI technologies.

Boston University (BU) announced that it has formed an AI Task Force that will asses both the benefits and drawbacks of generative artificial intelligence, as well as define pathways for the use of the technology on campus.

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