Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is working to close the city’s device gap. Through a partnership with World Business Chicago, the city is launching Chi Device Donation Month. The month-long campaign encourages Chicago’s business community and large organizations to donate computers and laptops no longer in use to be refurbished and given to families who need a device.  


Maryland is now the first state in the nation to offer digital licenses and IDs on two major mobile operating systems. The state already offered digital licenses and IDs in Apple Wallet, and announced that it will now offer digital licenses and IDs in Google Wallet.

The city of Chattanooga, Tenn., is making a strong push to modernize its digital platforms for essential city services. The city said the push towards digital modernization is “an important step in the city’s journey to becoming a more data-driven civic organization delivering secure and effective services to local residents and key community stakeholders.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro late last month signed an executive order (EO) establishing the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA). The new office is intended to improve, streamline, and continuously adapt Pennsylvania’s digital services so that interactions between users and commonwealth entities are simple, seamless, and secure.

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