The Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) recently added a new feature it the Wyoming 511 mobile app which enables residents to request authorization to salvage deer, elk, antelope, moose, wild bison, or wild turkey from unintentional vehicle collisions with wildlife.

According to a press release, collecting roadkill from select Wyoming roadways became legal in January. However, there are some restrictions to collection. Wyoming officials explained that anyone collecting roadkill must receive authorization from Game and Fish before collection. With the new app update, this can be done through the Wyoming 511 app, even without cellular service.

“We’re grateful to be able to work with WYDOT to integrate the roadkill collection authorization into their already well-known and highly-utilized 511 app that many are already familiar with and have installed on their devices,” Brian Nesvik, Game and Fish director, said in the release.

The two agencies explained that integrating roadkill authorization into WYDOT’s app seemed like a natural fit, given the road and location data infrastructure existing within the app already, as well as the close collaboration between the two state agencies on wildlife and roadway safety.

“We continue to have a great partnership with Game and Fish,” WYDOT Director Luke Reiner said. “I think this tool will be a great asset to road users wanting to collect roadkill on our highways, allowing them to do so in a manner that is as safe and efficient as possible.”

App users can request authorization via the “Report Roadkill” button on the app’s home screen. Users then have to answer a series about the carcass, if the species is available for collection in an approved location, the user can request authorization. The app immediately sends a certificate upon completing the questionnaire. Requestors must currently have or create a username and password with the Game and Fish to gain authorization.

Game and Fish will be reviewing all the applications and can follow up with anyone to confirm the legitimacy of collection requests.

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