Virginia’s Portsmouth Public Schools (PPS) is expanding its partnership with Discovery Education to include increased access to Discovery Education’s Pivot Interactives service for educators and students in grades 7-12.

Discovery Education said that Pivot Interactives supports teachers as they work to help students engage in and explore natural phenomena and other scientific concepts. The platform provides users with more than 10,000 video-based science interactives.

As part of the interactive video series, students are guided through data collection, measurement, data analysis, and interpretation. Feedback provided by both open-ended and auto-graded questions. The resources are tied to state and national standards. Discovery Education claims that they are “simple to integrate throughout the instructional cycle.”

PPS said the partnership expansion will help support the district’s five-year strategic plan, a multipronged approach that outlines five goals for PPS with specific objectives and action steps to ensure the school system meets those goals.

In a press release, PPS highlighted how the partnership expansion helps the district meet its first goal of providing all students educational opportunities ensuring high academic growth. The district sought out Discovery Education because it wanted to achieve the goal by, in part, adding to its existing suite of digital resources capable of supporting instruction in the in-person or remote environment.

PPS noted that Pivot Interactives will be used alongside Discovery Education Experience, a K-12 learning platform, and Science Techbooks, which are already in use in all PPS K-12 classrooms.

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