The University of South Carolina has partnered with Verizon to launch a new 5G Innovation Experience Hub (IEH) that will bring 5G to students and faculty to work together to expand on the uses of 5G in manufacturing, healthcare, and civil infrastructure as well as other fields.

Students and faculty will be allowed to work on testing 5G capabilities in ways that can help enhance the capabilities of these industries while looking to change them as well.

“Working with the University of South Carolina, we have a great opportunity to collaborate with dozens of partners to ideate and develop new 5G-powered solutions leveraging the latest technologies, including large-scale IoT, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and augmented reality,” Verizon Business Senior Vice President of 5G Acceleration Jennifer Artley said in a press release.

“Verizon is the network America relies on. Giving researchers access to Verizon 5G Ultra-Wideband, with its high bandwidth and low latency, can accelerate the innovation process, leading to new solutions that will transform how enterprises operate and grow,” said Artley.

The partnership comes as Version looks to expand partnerships with various enterprises, universities, and national labs to find new ways in which 5G can change various industries from the ground up.

“Our relationship with Verizon exemplifies the benefits of partnerships between the University of South Carolina and the business community,” University President Michael Amiridis said. “This aligns with our focus on expanding research opportunities that solve problems and accelerate discoveries.”

These new 5G capabilities will be housed in the McNair Center located at the University of South Carolina campus.

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