Denton, Texas, is the first city in the United States to fully implement the OpenGov Open Data Solution.

OpenGov, the world’s first complete cloud solution for public sector budgeting, reporting, and open data, provides tools to Denton to help increase public trust, facilitate civic action, and embrace the future of smart government.

Denton's OpenGov Open Data Portal Source: OpenGov
Denton’s OpenGov Open Data Portal
Source: OpenGov

“It’s vital to our community and to the growth of Denton that anyone can easily access government information to enable civic developers and lay-users alike to gain value from public data,” said Justin Mercier, data system architect for the City of Denton. “The new open data platform works seamlessly, whether you want to run a hackathon or run a business, the data is easily usable and allows us to get vital city information quickly and efficiently.”

This tool is designed to work for governments of all sizes. Additional governments will start using the solution in the upcoming months.

“Open access to government information is critical to the health of our states, cities and towns,” said Zac Bookman, CEO and co-founder of OpenGov. “Data is a foundation on which to build stronger and more sustainable governments. Leveraging OpenGov’s many tools, including Open Data, Denton and other cities can better understand trends, coordinate budgets, empower their citizens, and present a holistic view of the state of the city.”

Denton has now uploaded 71 machine-readable data sets that range from the city’s demographic indicators to its upcoming building projects. Denton’s portal is located here.

“Denton is leading the way in embracing the power of technology to improve our cities,” said Bookman.


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