Texas A&M University President M. Katherine Banks announced earlier this week a new cybersecurity institute to help drive cybersecurity research and innovation at the university.

The Texas A&M Global Cyber Research Institute will conduct research, threat analysis, and protection for the nation’s security and economy. Additionally, the new institute will prepare students for careers in cybersecurity.

“The addition of the Texas A&M Global Cyber Research Institute positions Texas A&M as a hub for cybersecurity research and education. It builds upon the strong base of Texas A&M’s Cybersecurity Center and will help us educate the cybersecurity leaders of the future,” Banks said.

The creation of this new institute comes after a former alum, Ray Rothrock ’77, as well as others donated a total of $10 million through the Texas A&M Foundation.

“There’s no better place for this institute than Texas A&M,” said Ray Rothrock ’77, chairman and CEO of RedSeal Inc. “The university already leads in many fields that touch cybersecurity, from education and technology to policy. Eventually, we want this institute to be the go-to place for expertise on all things cyber.”

The new institute comes from a collaboration between a Texas A&M University System engineering research agency, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), and the university itself.

“Cybersecurity is a concern for businesses, our economy, and our national security that affects both the public and private sector,” said Tyson Voelkel, president of the Texas A&M Foundation. “Texas A&M is one of the country’s top universities and is uniquely positioned to educate its students in the cybersecurity sphere.”

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