Samuel Scozzafava Jr., vice president and chief information officer (CIO) at Syracuse University, has announced that he will step down at the end of this month after 15 years of service at the university.


“Sam has been steadfast in his commitment to advancing information technology at the University, has worked tirelessly to support the academic and research enterprise and has consistently advocated for enhancements that improve the student experience, inside and outside the classroom,” Steve Bennett, senior vice president for international programs and academic operations and chief of staff for academic affairs, said in a press release.


Scozzafava first joined Syracuse University in 2007 and since then has served in several management-level positions with the university’s Information Technology Services organization, including manager of the student administration application development team and director of enterprise application systems.


Before taking his current role of CIO, Scozzafava served as the University’s associate CIO for administrative systems.


“I have enjoyed my time working with, learning from, and supporting our students, faculty, and staff … I am proud of my ITS colleagues’ efforts to enhance digital inclusion, advance information technology in support of the research enterprise, and ensure consistency in teaching and learning during the pandemic. I will be forever grateful for my time at Syracuse University,” Scozzafava said.


Eric Sedore, chief technology officer at the university, will serve as interim vice president for information technology and CIO.

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