Sacred Heart University and Uwill – a teletherapy platform for college students – are teaming up to offer teletherapy solution to graduate students.

The joint initiative is designed to enable on-demand mental health access for graduate students of Sacred Heart University both on-campus and remote. The program is providing care to more than 1,250 graduate students with “immediate, 24/7 ongoing access to a licensed counselor of their choice, based on their preferences – by video, phone, chat, or message.”

“Counseling and therapy can have a transformative impact on students’ ability to persist and succeed in their education,” said Larry Wielk, dean of students at Sacred Heart University. “Emerging technology like Uwill is helping us provide our graduate students with real-time, personalized support that meets them where they are.”

According to a press release, graduate students were significantly more likely to experience anxiety than the general population and that reports of mental health challenges among graduate students has increased over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The past year has underscored the critical importance of mental health for students at every point in their educational experience,” said Michael London, founder and CEO of Uwill. “We’re helping colleges tackle the campus mental health crisis by bringing counseling directly to students, without friction, and providing them with greater choice and flexibility throughout the process.”

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