The District of Columbia’s utility service released an interactive open data portal to share information regarding DC Water’s operations and projects with the public. The utility service is hoping that increasing transparency will improve customer satisfaction.

During the process of creating the Colorado Trail Explorer, an interactive open data map providing information on 17,000 trails, Colorado’s Department for Parks and Wildlife sent out a call for information from all 221 of the state’s trail managers. The map, launched on June 2, contains data submissions from 90 of those managers.

AT&T was awarded a $6.5 billion contract to build and operate the nationwide network FirstNet. However, the legislation that authorizes FirstNet also authorizes a state to develop its own alternative on the spectrum carved out for the network, as long as the alternative is interoperable with the FirstNet core.

Money is the single biggest barrier to local governments achieving the highest levels of cybersecurity. From not being able to pay competitive salaries to an insufficient number of cybersecurity staff, local governments are unable to deliver cybersecurity protection because their budgets don’t match their tasks.

In an effort to improve efficiency and lower barriers to entry, South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard recently launched the nation’s first paperless pardon process. Individuals seeking clemency can now use an online portal to fill out the necessary forms.

Maryland’s Department of Transportation and State Highway Administration launched e-Road Ready Projects, a live GIS map portraying major projects that have the potential to create congestion.

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