The National Science Foundation (NSF) is launching a new initiative to invest $25 million in research projects dedicated to foundational data science principles.

“With NSF’s $25 million investment, these interdisciplinary teams will be able to tackle some of the most important theoretical and technical questions in data science,” Division Director for Mathematical Sciences Juan Meza said.

The Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) project is part of NSF’s harnessing the data revolution to accelerate innovation in data science algorithms, data cyberinfrastructure, education, and workforce development. Through the new initiative, NSF aims to build the STEM workforce by engaging students and industry partners on real-world data science applications.

“The TRIPODS program continues to lead the way in Harnessing the Data Revolution by addressing the most challenging and fundamental problems in data science,” Rance Cleaveland, NSF division director for computing and communication foundations, said.

NSF is investing in two teams over the course of five years – the Foundations of Data Science Institute and the Institute for Foundations of Data Science – led by coalition of universities across the country. The Foundations of Data Science Institute will focus on the relationship between decisionmakers and the data they use, and the Institute for Foundations of Data Science will study ethical and societal implications of algorithms.

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