As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into the fall, schools are relying on remote and hybrid learning to stem the spread of the virus. This has forced teachers to radically overhaul their lesson plans and teaching styles, nevermind requiring them to become IT experts in the process.

To aid K-12 teachers in the move to technology-based teaching, the School of Education at Northcentral is now offering a post-baccalaureate certificate in Remote Teaching for K-12 Education. The program is comprised of four courses and can be completed in six to nine months.

The University, which is non-profit and fully online, said the certificate “focuses on building strategies to address the unique needs of remote instruction.” This includes technologies to use in the remote classroom, the role of mobile devices, and how to address diverse student needs while virtual. Northcentral also said that reaching students who don’t have access to online learning is also an important part of the program.

“Early in the development process, a particularly compelling need was identified, the need for support in remote teaching – as distinct from online teaching – in areas where internet access was unavailable or unreliable,” said Dr. Andy Riggle, dean of the School of Education.

Northcentral said that its program discusses how to interpret standards and assess students who are learning remotely with limited internet access, as well as address their social and emotional learning needs.

“We hope this training opportunity will help teachers during this tough time, but also into the future – we don’t see virtual learning going away, even as things begin to shift back to normal,” said Riggle.

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