Running the different systems within the state of New Jersey’s Judiciary is like a spaghetti system that encompasses many different networks and users. Yet with the help of Zscaler, Jack McCarthy, CIO for the state of New Jersey Judiciary, was able to overcome these challenges.

During the Public Sector Summit hosted by Zscaler and MeriTalk on March 8, McCarthy and his colleague Ron Wildman, assistant director of technical services and infrastructure for the state of New Jersey Judiciary, noted the complexities, challenges, and help Zscaler offered.

“The New Jersey Courts we’re very unique and we’re a statewide judiciary so I have everything from parking tickets to Supreme Court cases. We have around 13 users we do about 7 million cases a year,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy noted that one of the problems that they had run into in the past dealt with figuring out where in the network process different IP addresses were slowing down the speed and rate at which local Wi-Fi networks were insufficient, including his own.

“They all say the same thing, the application slow, and then so we start trying to figure [it] out – We looked at it and what we found was six hops into [the network]. There was an IP address dropping 90 percent of my packets, so nothing I was doing was wrong,” he said.

One of the integral pieces of solving the IT necessities of the New Jersey Judiciary system, according to McCarthy, was the use of Zscaler tools that help solve their issues.

“We were one of the hardest hit areas with the pandemic along with New York. And when we had just started with Zscaler, about two months before, and through a lot of their help and work we were able to do some pretty amazing things,” said McCarthy.

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