In the latest white papers from the National Academy of Public Administration’s (NAPA) election integrity initiative, the organization is recommending a stronger emphasis on building public trust in government to improve election security.

NAPA is tackling its latest election grand challenge – developing new approaches to public governance and engagement – by encouraging election officials to reimagine the way the Federal government addresses largescale problems at a time when trust in government continues to decline.

In its public trust white paper, NAPA looks beyond the 2020 election to how Federal officials can engage Americans and increase public trust in 2021 and beyond. The organization recommends establishing a White House Office of Public Engagement and Service, engagement efforts at all levels of government, civic education, and a commitment to public service to restore American trust.

“As discussed in this paper, the working group believes that each level of government—and, indeed, all sectors—need to come together to strengthen public engagement in our day-to-day governance processes,” the report concludes. “Public engagement is critical to the development of workable solutions to today’s most pressing social and economic challenges.”

NAPA launched the initiative in late June to advise state, local, and Federal governments on protecting electoral integrity and enhancing voter participation with near-term action plans and white papers. Its first two plans guided election officials on fostering social equity in public services and voter participation. The organization plans to release a new action plan addressing a different election grand challenge every Wednesday this summer.

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