The National Association of Counties (NACo) has released a new simplified guide that will help local officials understand the impact of technology by geographic area, with the theme of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Some of the ways in which this new guide will help local officials include providing better insight on resident demographics, understanding economic development, and learning how to save money in different areas, while supporting efficient database management tools.

“Elected Officials, both incoming as well as seasoned, can benefit from a layman’s guide for emerging and innovative technologies that are required in local government,” stated the guide.

The guide explained “GIS data is the ‘food’ that other software systems consume,” and can capture and analyze data “in a visual way that in turn aids others in strategic decision making.”

The GIS guide was created in collaboration with the IT Advisory Council, GIS directors, as well as NACo Tech Xchange members and ESRI representatives.

The guide looks to offer the 10 following benefits:

  • Improved Resident Insight
  • Supports Economic Development
  • Supports Cost Saving
  • Demonstrates Collaboration
  • Resource For Other Applications
  • Promotes Positive Resident Experiences
  • Provides Vital Data
  • Brings Additional Transparency to Projects
  • Highlights Data Relationships Across Departments
  • Visually Tells the Story
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