Manassas City Public Schools in Virginia are using robots armed with sanitization technology, to lead their efforts to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and protect students and staff throughout the 2021-2022 school year. The school system is partnering with UBTECH to deploy ADIBOT robots for the new school year.

“Our main goal is that our students have the safest possible instructional environment,” said Andy Hawkins, executive director of Finance and Operations at Manassas City Public Schools, in a press release. “Adding the ADIBOT units to our superior cleaning efforts allows us to truly and completely sanitize classrooms and other spaces. Sprayers do not allow you to sanitize surfaces covered in books, papers, keyboards, or other electronic devices where viruses may linger, and the chemicals can be extremely harmful to children. When we deploy an ADIBOT in a room, we know in five minutes or less it will be completely sanitized and safe for children and teachers.”

The ADIBOT disinfecting units utilize hospital-grade UV-C technology to sanitize every surface the light reaches quickly and effectively. Manassas City Public Schools are putting their 40 ADIBOT units to work alongside their custodial staff, nightly sanitizing every single classroom using EPA-approved cleaners. UV-C technology inactivates 99.9 percent of all viruses, bacteria, and harmful pathogens, including COVID-19. One ADIBOT unit can disinfect a room in a matter of minutes and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that could be harmful to students and staff.

In a press release, Manassas City Public Schools said they searched for a solution to cleaning and sanitizing that was safe for all students, staff, and custodians, and that would also sanitize all surfaces and spaces and was easy to implement. District leaders ultimately chose to partner with UBTECH’s ADIBOT system because the units are easy for custodial staff to operate, meet key disinfection measurements, and include various safety features.

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