The city of Los Angeles will move from local to state IT infrastructure in accordance with switching its mainframe to the California Department of Technology (CDT) State Data Center mainframe. The CDT has a $10.5 million contract to update Los Angeles’ technology which will include 24/7 staffing, hardware support, security, and disaster recovery services.

As a result, the Los Angeles Information Technology Agency (ITA) now will be able to focus on technology services and receive the benefit of better security, according to Richard Rogers, chief technology officer for CDT.

“This just happened to be very strategic for both sides. We both provide services for the same constituents; we just do it at a larger scale than the city of L.A.,” Rogers said.

The move by Los Angeles will also save funding on licensing and replacing aging equipment, as well as alleviate the difficulty of replacing retiring mainframe employees.

“The move to migrate away from our 30-year old legacy system to the state’s secure, cloud-based environment will greatly improve our ability to serve and protect the people of Los Angeles,” said ITA general manager Ted Ross.

CDT already partners with roughly 80 non-state entities and this contract with California’s largest city will help sustain its mainframe services.

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