In a bid to improve the user experience, reduce risks, and cut data processing time, the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor announced that it has migrated its Assessor operations from a paper-based, legacy mainframe environment to the cloud.

The Assessor’s Office opted to migrate from an on-premise solution to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In a press release, LA County sad it is seeing dramatic improvements in performance and achieving significant cost savings by eliminating its on premise infrastructure.

In a press release, the Assessor’s Office explained that it reviews more than 400,000 property documents and completes 500,000 physical property appraisals each year. Work that was previously done with a paper-based process using 40-year-old mainframe technology that required manuals to interpret its code. However, as technology advanced, this outdated mainframe technology was no longer a workable solution.

The Assessor’s Office broke its modernization efforts into five phases. The Assessor Modernization Project (AMP) was used to develop an in-house custom application with Oracle Consulting. After three successful phases, the AMP application became the go-to production system for the Assessor’s Office. During the fourth phase of the project in February 2021, Oracle Consulting and the Assessor’s Office extended AMP functionality and moved the application from on-premises to OCI with no disruptions, while eliminating 80 servers.

“The decision to move AMP to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure midway through the project had huge benefits, including cost savings, better performance, flexibility, and resource efficiencies,” said Kevin Lechner, CIO of the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor. “We could now focus our attention on application development and increased productivity rather than infrastructure requirements and maintenance.”

After completing the migration, data processing jobs that once took up to eight hours are now processed in four. Additionally, the Assessor’s Office sad that built-in disaster recovery is helping mitigate risk; and end users are seeing faster page loads. Looking towards the future, the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor said it plans to open access to AMP for other counties in the state.

“One of my top goals coming into this Office was to make sure that we provide public service that is both effective and cost-efficient,” said Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang. “This milestone of the project with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is our biggest success to date.”

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