The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced on March 10 that it authorized more than $640 million through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to provide new broadband deployments in 26 states that will bring service to nearly 250,000 locations.


The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund is a $20.4 billion program that brings high-speed fixed broadband service to rural homes and small businesses that lack access to service. To date, the program has provided $4.7 billion in funding to nearly 300 carriers for new deployments in 47 states, bringing broadband to almost 2.7 million locations.


“Today’s funding will help connect hundreds of thousands of Americans to high-speed, broadband internet service,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel in a press release. “As we approve this funding, we remain committed to making sure that this program serves areas that truly need broadband and funds carriers that can do the job.”


Rosenworcel underlined that the Commission’s new Rural Broadband Accountability Plan (RBAP) ensures the continued progress of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund.


Earlier this year, the FCC established the RBAP, a new effort to monitor and ensure compliance for universal service high-cost programs, including the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund and Connect America Fund Phase II Auction.

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