With the new year just a few weeks away, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has released its list of top priorities for state CIOs in 2024. For the first time ever, digital government services and cybersecurity tied for the top priority spot.

The list, which was voted on by 49 state and territory chief information officers (CIOs), represents state technology leaders’ top policy and technology priorities for the coming year.

“With the increase demand in digital government services, there is little surprise that it ties for number one on this year’s list,” said Doug Robinson, NASCIO executive director. “Cybersecurity and digital government are two critical issues for state CIOs and will be for some time.”

The other top priorities are:

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation;
  • Legacy modernization;
  • Workforce;
  • Data management and data analytics;
  • Broadband and wireless connectivity;
  • Identity and access management;
  • Cloud services; and
  • CIO as broker and new operating model.

NASCIO also highlighted a few ways CIO priorities have shifted from the 2023 list to the 2024 list. Specifically, this year is the first time artificial intelligence has appeared on the list. Additionally, this is the first time CIO as broker is in the top 10. Cloud services also jumped on the list, moving from number nine to number six. Broadband also increased as a priority, moving from number nine to number seven. Going in the opposite direction is workforce, which fell from number three to number five.

NASCIO also surveyed CIOs to understand their top technologies, applications, and tools for 2024:

  • Identity and access management;
  • Legacy application modernization and renovation;
  • Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation;
  • Data management and data analytics;
  • Security enhancement tools;
  • Low code and no code software development;
  • “X” as a service;
  • Enterprise resource planning; and
  • Networking.

In a press release, NASCIO said it utilizes the annual voting of priorities to develop strategic areas of focus for the coming year, formulate new issue forums and working groups, and plan NASCIO conference sessions and publications.

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