The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking to replace its Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) with a modern platform to better share information with Federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, international, and private sector decision-makers and first responders.

In a request for information, DHS said the new project, titled Phoenix, may or may not result in a “rebranding” of the HSIN name.

“The current platform is complex, costly, and not optimized for cloud-based and mobile features,” the RFI says. “To better support end-users and rapidly address threats to homeland security, DHS looks to redefine information accessibility and build a modern, comprehensive information sharing platform using cloud-based technologies to increase speed, mobility, and access to unclassified information.”

DHS’ information sharing platform will need to efficiently share sensitive but unclassified information with all homeland security partners, and the agency said it is looking for a “modern platform and suite of intuitive tools for users.”

HSIN is currently the only Federal portal that shares information among DHS and its Federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, international, and private sector partners.

“By using the HSIN platform, these diverse communities work together to perform investigations, identify terrorist activities, respond to areas affected by natural disasters, and provide coordination during recovery operations,” DHS said. “The capabilities offered in HSIN are critical to both day-to-day operational decision-making and successful execution of large-scale emergency operations.”

Submissions for the RFI are due by April 25.

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