The Brookhaven Police Department will become the first public safety agency in Georgia to livestream 911 calls directly to officers in the field.

A Brookhaven Police Department press release explains that livestreaming 911 calls will allow officers to hear the caller’s voice in real-time and will help officers more immediately identify the caller’s location without delay. The police department noted that presently only 78 agencies nationwide have this capability.

To achieve the new capability, Brookhaven police will use the Live911 platform, developed by HigherGround. Brookhaven police say the new technology will help eliminate inherent dispatching delays, which will also help reduce response times. Police will now also receive the 911 caller’s exact location on a map.

“We are very excited with the early results we are seeing from our integration of Live911. Our officers are getting a level of detail from the 911 caller’s firsthand. This has been game-changing for our officers,” said Brookhaven Police Department Lieutenant Abrem Ayana.

The Brookhaven Police Department has made it a priority to quickly adopt new technologies, including using Automated License Plate Reader (LPR) technology and using drones as first responders by remotely sending them to 911 calls ahead of ground officers.

“We are always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission of providing professional, high quality, and effective police services to the citizens of Brookhaven,” said Brookhaven Police Chief Brandon Gurley. “The addition of groundbreaking technology like Live911 has already saved lives and given our officers a head start to an emergency when seconds count.”

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