Atlanta Public Schools (APS) are looking to modernize and improve the transportation experience for the 11,708 students who ride the bus to and from school.

The school system has partnered with CalAmp to deploy its “Here Comes the Bus” school bus tracking technology. The Here Comes The Bus solution provides parents, students, and administrators with real-time tracking data and alerts.

To roll out the new technology, 400 buses will be outfitted with CalAmp’s mobile GPS fleet intelligence devices and software. APS will also use CalAmp’s tablet and app-based Trip Inspection module to comply with daily, state-mandated school bus inspections.

Through the use of student barcode IDs, RFIDs or Bus Passes parents and transportation directors can track each child from the time they get on the bus to the moment they exit the bus. Additionally, students and parents can get notifications when the school bus is nearing their house. CalAmp explained that this feature improves student safety and wellbeing by limiting the length of time students have to stand outside on dark, cold winter mornings.

“The APS Transportation Department has maintained a goal to provide improved customer service with a bus tracking application, and we are now happy to roll out Here Comes The Bus,” said John Franklin, APS executive director of transportation. “We recognize how CalAmp’s technology can keep students safe, help families plan, and improve our transportation efficiency.”

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