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The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) announced Nov. 15 that it is mailing letters to individuals who were impacted by a recent data breach incident, and is providing information to the public regarding the incident for the first time.

The NASCIO 2017 Annual Conference is sharing best practices, key lessons, and useful strategies for state and local government technology leaders. James Collins, Delaware CIO, shares how other states can not only improve diversity in hiring, but also in retention.

Blockchain isn’t new, but state and local governments’ interest in it is fairly recent. And for many state and local government leaders, even those in tech, blockchain is still shrouded in mystery and confusion. Blockchain offers state and local governments new opportunities, both for improving citizen services, streamlining government operations, and improving local economies. In […]

Since it was launched on Oct. 19, 15,000 people have visited Delaware’s open data portal. Delaware residents can use the portal to find out if traffic is slowed down because of nearby construction sites, whether their favorite restaurants have passed inspection, where to find a good bike trail, and what companies the state is conducting business with.

The government and private industry should be doing more to prepare the American workforce for a technology-based future, according to panelists at an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) event on Wednesday in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention. “[Politicians] are going to have to be developing policies in their local areas to permit a […]

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