In order to address the broadband workforce shortage, the Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Office of Future Work (OFW) have released their plan to tackle a major obstacle hindering broadband deployment across the state.

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The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO), under the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, has launched a new online Broadband Mapping Hub to assist Internet Service Providers, schools, communities, and businesses in their broadband planning efforts.

In a bid to help emergency responders more effectively plan and communicate evacuations, Boulder, Colo., has launched Zonehaven, a new web-based emergency mapping tool for the community.

The nonprofit Results for America has recognized eight states – Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, Utah, and Connecticut – for their achievements in using data-driven and evidence-based policymaking to “accelerate economic mobility, advance equity, and deliver better results for their residents.”


State and local governments hold a vast amount of personally identifiable information about their residents and these databases have become attractive targets for cyberattacks, therefore state and local governments have made various efforts to put in place security processes to protect their systems and data, according to Yvette Florez, the director of identity and access management for the State of Colorado.

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